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Paradise Theatre

The Paradise Theatre - A festive sloe gin fizz.
What's better than happy hour? How about happy hour at LA's very first Styx themed speakeasy-- the one, the only, Paradise Theatre.

I know what you're thinking, there are a handful of places with craft cocktails served in vintage glasses that call themselves a "speakeasy" but Paradise Theatre is definitely different. It's a speakeasy in the most authentic sense of the term: entrance is by approved admittance, it's a secret location and it just might be open in the wee hours. It's also where the local bartenders hang out, during their off hours.

The Crystal Ball - Apple brandy, lemon juice, grenadine,
and a "crystal ball" of ice
I had the chance to visit Paradise Theater in June and quite frankly, I had no idea what to expect. After brushing up on my Styx music (aka Googling Styx music), I recruited my friends Victor and Mary from 2Sense-LA to join me on a late-night LA Adventure. "Late-night" since Paradise Theatre doesn't open till 11pm.

The Grand Illusion - A gimlet with mint, patterned after the
forest theme of the Grand Illusion cover.
Upon entering, your greeted by Bear. But don't worry, he's a security guard that's all bark and no bite. (Literally.) Get past this ball of fluff and you're good to go. We were then met with a welcome shot. A palate cleanser that was similar to a limoncello.

The group had a selection of cocktails - cleverly themed Styx cocktails that is. The ambiance is fun, welcoming and as midnight rolled around, more and more patrons began filling the room.

The Pieces of Eight - Their variation of the Ward 8 (Bourbon,
orange juice, lemon juice, grenadine, and mint)
This is truly a passion project... having a penchant for great craft cocktails and you guessed it, Styx. Overall, it's just a really fun place to hang out. Plus R&A are great hosts.  

The news is that Paradise Theatre will come to close on August 16th. But luckily for us they are offering a happy hour special until then! 

Here are the details: Paradise Theatre is only open on Fridays, doors open at 11pm. 
To get an invite and more details on happy hour visit their Instagram: ParadiseTheatre

Friends, take a trip to Silver Lake's one and only Styx themed speakeasy, while you still can! 

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Paradise Theatre 
Silver Lake

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